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Leopard porn

This is the leopard porn, people. Be very afraid. (Originally written for the WinCon '07 Badfic contest, where it was read aloud to a group of cowering fangirls)

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, non-commercial use of characters belonging to their respective copyright owners.

The first thing Sam notices is the sleek curve of Dean's ribs under the sheet his hand is resting on (and how did they end up in the same bed, anyway?). The second thing is Dean's eyes, flashing bright green and looking pissed off. The third, and most important thing he notices, is that Dean's been turned into a freakin' leopard.

They knew that something weird was going to happen when they checked into the 'haunted' hotel. The local legend was pretty clear. A former owner of the hotel was a lonely old lady who fancied herself a matchmaker. Since she passed away, any time two people who weren't lovers stayed in a single room at the hotel, strange things would happen to them. Each couple had a different story. At least two people had never been heard from again after a stay, while others just blushed and had a funny story to tell about the first time they had sex, and how it lifted a curse from them. There wasn't really any way to investigate without staying there, though, and Dean figured that even the worst matchmaker on the planet wouldn't try to set up two straight brothers. He was wrong.

The mechanism of the curse was relatively easy to find-an elaborate series of sigils burned into the hotel's roof-the problem is that yewez and tsing both need to be broken at the same time to lift the thing, and they are about 15 feet away from each other. Dean seems pretty in control of his leopard body, seems to understand when Sam talks to him, but flat out refuses to even try getting on the roof, his head flipping violently back and forth while his tail lashes.

"Come on Dean, leopards have great balance, it's just like climbing a tree, and leopards love trees!"

Dean shoots him a look that's probably 'I don't love trees' but could be 'how am I getting up the ladder?' or possibly 'explain how I'm gonna wipe out the sigil once I get up there, dumbass.'

Right. So, sex. With his brother. The leopard. The male, same-genetic-material having leopard.

"Um, Dean, you know what we have to change you back then, right?"

Now, that tail-lash is pretty clearly a 'yes, dumbass.'

"So there's kind of some consent issues here, because you can't really tell me no or if you want to stop or- OWW! Right, I guess one claw in my flesh means slow down, a full set embedded means stop. Got it."

Dean's face radiated pissed-off-cat, but that could mean, 'yes, you figured out the code' or 'no, I was clawing you for daring to suggest we have sex' or possibly 'your blood is now under my claws and I find that unhygienic.' How in the hell can people tell what their pets are thinking?

But then he's nudging his head against Sam's leg, and as Sam pets him absently, he realizes that there must be more to the spell than he realized, because he's getting hard, and he's pretty sure he's never been sexually attracted to animals before. But now there's the feel of silky fur under his fingers, and the rhythmic nudging of Dean's head against his leg. Then he notices that Dean is very delicately inserting a claw into his pant leg, and he's wondering just how he can slow down any further from petting Dean's head like a housecat before he figures out that Dean's actually trying to get his pants off. Which is somewhat difficult for a cat.

But oh god, his dick is 100% in line with this plan, and when he shoves his jeans and briefs down, his dick springs against his stomach, droplets of pre-cum flying from the tip. He lies down on the bed, and Dean comes up to nuzzle him some more, and that fur is so silky against his cock, Dean's flank so smooth against his sensitive skin. Dean takes a tentative lick at the head of Sam's cock, but Sam has to stop him - his tongue is just too rough, so scratchy and intense that Sam's afraid he's gonna come before they can lift the curse.

He runs his hand down the whole long length of Dean's smooth body, feels the muscles twitch under his light pressure. At last he reaches Dean's tail, and the fluffier fur at the base. His fingers tangle in softness until he finds his goal; a tiny patch of bare skin signaling the entrance to Dean's willing body.

Sam finds a bottle of hand lotion in his duffle, and quickly prepares the tight little hole for his massive organ. At the first breach, Dean yowls, but then pushes back until his tail is pushed right against Sam's belly. Dean's snug sheath is more than Sam could stand; he's spilling his hot seed inside his brother's animal body within a few quick strokes. Dean mewls and thrusts against the bed until he comes, too.

Luckily, Sam had slips out before the transformation back begins. Dean-as-a-human is much easier to read; this expression is clearly, 'we are never talking about this. Ever."

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Tags: fic, leopards have great balance, supernatural fic
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